Members of IMA range from management accountants to financial and information management professionals just beginning their careers to presidents and CFOs of major corporations. Membership also includes Certified Public Accountants, educators, students, and many involved with federal, state, and local governments.

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LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Volunteer service at the chapter or national level gives you valuable leadership experience. Volunteer leaders begin their service at the chapter board level, and may elect to regional council service, national committee service, and national board service.

EMPLOYMENT NETWORKING: IMA serves as a clearing-house for members interested in either placing an "open position available" or "position wanted" notice in a local chapter or council newsletter, or in the career center on the IMA Website.

REGIONAL EDUCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (REAP): These courses are offered to give management accountants and financial management professionals convenient access to quality courses at the lowest possible fee. These courses are one of the best ways to obtain affordable CPE credit because the high cost of travel and time away from the office is eliminated. Brochures are available.

SELF-STUDY PROGRAMS: These courses presented in a variety of formats including our take home quizzes on management accounting articles are designed for the professional who has limitations of time, travel, or financial resources. Participants who successfully complete the final examinations receive a certificate of completion and can earn up to 20 hours of CPE credit per program. A catalogue is available.

MCLEOD INFORMATION CENTER: Members have access to one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the management accounting and financial management fields.

ETHICS COUNSELING SERVICE: A counselor will assist members in applying the IMA Standards of Ethical Conduct for Management Accountants and Financial Professionals to specific problems. Members using this hotline service are guaranteed confidentiality.

CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT (CMA) PROGRAM: The CMA program requires the candidate to pass a rigorous four-part examination and meet specific educational and professional standards. The program was established to recognize professional competence in the field of management accounting.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (CFM) PROGRAM: The CFM will confirm your proficiency in financial management and your dedication to personal and professional growth. As the body of knowledge of the CFM examination is complementary with that of the CMA examination, three of the examination parts (Parts 1,3, and 4) will be the same for both programs. Part 2 of the CFM examination will be devoted to in-depth testing of corporate financial management topics.

PUBLICATIONS: Strategic Finance, the official publication of the institute, published monthly, contains articles on a wide range of subjects in the filled of management accounting and financial management. A newsletter, IMA Focus, informs the membership of IMA activities.

MEMBER INTEREST GROUP (MIGS): The Controllers Council, the Small Business Council and the Cost Management Group provide a tailored monthly newsletter, discounts on specified educational programs, internet networking and Membership Directory, Survey results have been covered regularly by national media.

INDUSTRY SECTORS: The IMA has created 13 industry Sectors, an Internet-based benefit that offers a host of ways to reach out to other members in your industry. The Industry Sectors available now are:

  • Academic
  • Communications/Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Natural Resources (agriculture, fishing, lumber, mining)
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Services (financial, business, consulting, real estate, entertainment/hospitality)
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Wholesale/Retail

To learn more about Industry Sectors, visit the IMA website at

CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS: IMA offers a variety of seminars and conferences on topics relevant to management accountants and financial professionals throughout the year in various locations throughout the US. Notable on the list of Conferences are the IMA Annual Conference to be held in New Orleans, LA in 2001 and the Controllers Conference a prestigious IMA event that is well attended by controllers from many large and small companies. Each provides continuing education credits as well as the opportunity to interact with peers.

CPE DESKTOP: NASBA certified continuing professional education (CPE) courses are now available from IMA's website, Now its easy for anyone to acquire their necessary CPE credits from their office or home. CPE is just a click away from your desktop.

IMA ONLINE MARKETPLACE: Do your shopping online at a discount. All IMA members receive discounts on the products and services for your home or workplace that are offered through the IMA Online Marketplace at

FOUNDATION FOR APPLIED RESEARCH (FAR): Publishes reports and books on the newest research available, often award winning or cosponsored with other innovators in the accounting, financial and information management fields. Each year's work, popular reprints and Statements on Management Accounting (SMAs), are listed in FAR's Catalog of Publications available from national headquarters at a discount to IMA members. IMA members are also eligible to subscribe to FAR's Research Publication Service for a nomial fee. As a subscriber, you will receive everything published by FAR during your subscription year for one fee, a considerable savings beyond the IMA discount.

IN-HOUSE EDUCATION: IMA offers continuing education courses to corporations. In-House Education courses offer a wide variety of skills tailored to your company's needs. Your financial staff will be trained at the same time, hear the same message and interact as a team.